Private Property of James

James reserves all rights to claim, use and hold property as he sees fit and in accordance with Law.

There are however, some specific items of Property which the person [natural and artificial] may more regularly interact with from time-to-time.  In order to help those persons better understand some of the private property of James a short list is provided here;

Movable property used for leisure and pleasure on the public roads, highways, byways, motorways, streets, avenues, lanes and other  articles of infrastructure used to facilitate the movement of man and machine on the face of the earth will generally have affixed the Sovereign Plate of James.

Such property is held secure under a Claim Of Right and the Crown must abide by Section 53 of the Crimes Act 1961.

The house and the land on which it stands,  and in which James generally resides  and holds court is held  in title by Kysusha Family Trust and is the exclusive property of James.

The Wo{Man} Oxana is the Common Law wife of James and is the exclusive property of James.

The Child, known as Carlisle Yuri STONESCU is alive and living under the care and protection of James and is claimed as the property of James.

All other property as defined is held of right by James and this list does not diminish any claim of right to Property in terms of the definition contained in Words and Definitions in this Gazette.


All things that may have previously been Registered with the Crown Corporation of New Zealand Incorporated are no longer Crown Corporation of New Zealand Incorporated property but the Lawful property of James.